About Us

Who Are We?

Renewly Solar helps homeowners in Atlantic Canada navigate through the hurdles of installing a solar system for their home. 

We started off as energy consultants, moved into project management, and now, we are focused on delivering highly detailed and engineered solar systems across Atlantic Canada.

We do solar differently. We take care of all the steps in between to ensure an energy solution that is custom fit for each home making the process of going solar simple and easy.

Our commitment to our clients and the systems we build for each home is in the care we put in even after they’re fully installed. With quality energy systems that stay reliable and powerful for years to come, we’re excited to help homeowners discover a better sustainable energy for their homes.


Our Story

Energy Consulting
We started off as energy consultants — helping homeowners learn about ways to make their home energy-efficient and guiding them towards vetted contractors in their area.
Customer Care
Project Management
We became project managers for solar installers. We took care of customer engagement, applications and site visits.

We became certified solar installers and merged with an experienced electrical engineering team which helped us build leading edge solar systems for our clients.

Climate Ventures

We became a full turn key residential solar company, providing consulting, project management, engineering and installation. We joined Climate Ventures, an innovation hub that helps sustainable companies accelerate.

Solar Nova Scotia
Efficiency Nova Scotia
Turn Key Solar Company
We joined Solar Nova Scotia, a non-profit initiative advocating for solar energy since the 1980’s. We also joined Ignite Atlantic who is a rural innovation hub in Nova Scotia to electrify rural Nova Scotia go solar.
Ignite Atlantic
Take this journey with us!
Join us on our journey and stay tuned for some exciting news in 2021!

Our Mission

Our mission is to help Canadian homeowners make the transition to solar energy by making the process seamless. Learning about new energy alternatives for your home can feel overwhelming, but we’re here to help manage your project from beginning to end and take care of all the steps in between so you don’t have to.

Every home and its needs are unique, and we want to work closely with you to ensure your solar energy system is the absolute best fit for you and most importantly, continues to effectively power your home, year after year. We’re proud of our Canadian roots and what ultimately drives our mission — that every home across the country deserves sustainable energy, simplified.

Our Vision

At Renewly Solar, we look towards a future where Canada is 100% powered by renewable energy. We believe that as homeowners and as families, we should be able to access energy for our home that is affordable and equally powerful, while reducing our impact on the planet. Together, we aim to help Canadians be confident and in control of the energy that’s powering their home — energy that’s sustainably paving the way forward so we can get back to doing the things that matter to us.